"Kraxel–Maxel"  summer camp

of the ECT nature sport Tirol - the active alternative to a holiday at the sea for all families!!!!


Famliy holidays in our mountains are now more attractive than ever before - thanks to our
„Kraxel–Maxel Camp“ for kids from 8 to 14 years

The "Kraxel–Maxel" camp takes places between Monday and Wednesday and will certainly be your children's favourite! It includes various activities, according to the children's age:

Canyoning  (Tours of gorges and canyons, first "splashing" experiences at the crystal clear mountain creek with helmet, belt and rope)
Natural cave adventures with treasure hunt, compass and map; quiz
Glacier day with igloo-building and fun olympiad in the snow, how to use various climbing tools
Stone age cave camp with camp fire, interesting games
Mixed action day with "giant swing", "Flying Fox", rope games etc..

Children not only learn to be responsible for themselves and others, but also to form a group and achieve goals together. They will be challenged continuously, but it will never be expected too much of them.

It is best to choose three consecutive days. That way it is possible to use the knowledge learned on the day before and build on it. We think it is very important to teach children the right behaviour in the beautiful Tyrolean mountains.

3 days action, fun and adventure with lunch, drink, lift, cave entry fee, equipment (helmets, belts, ropes, lamps, torches), certificate, transfer fees from the office to the different places as well as the looking after of our experienced guides - all that for only € 98,-!!!
Please apply as early as possible.
Meeting point is at the office of the ECT NATURSPORT TIROL at 10 a. m.
The Kraxel–Maxel kids can be taken home at 4 p. m. or are brought back to the accommodation.
Our mininum number of participants is 3.
Please bring with you: sturdy shoes, sun and rain protection, cap, gloves, rucksack and camera.