Why nature sport in the mountains?
A short summary - as seen from the medicial-pharmaceutic view:


Nature sport in the mountains - therapy or prophylaxis?


Health is the most important thing. We all know that a person's health and life span mostly depend on a regular energy consumption in the body. We need to move ourselves, if possible outside!

A study in Germany clearly showed that it is not important how those movement calories are burned, but that we move as many muscles as possible.


When staying at more than 700 meters above sea level, the human organism becomes more active. During the first couple of days people will feel a bit more tired, and they will breathe faster. This will soon be over, and we will get used to it. Nevertheless our body stays as active, and consumes more oxygen. High blood pressure will fall, pulse frequency will become normal, the number of erythrocytes will increase, and the immune systems will get stronger.

A positive influence on body weight as well as increased production of endorphines will give us a generally better results and a positive outlook. Illnesses like Asthma Bronchiale, Bronchitis, even Rhinitis and Sinusitis will get better - the same goes for Neurodermitis!


The bottom of the valley in Tux (including the villages Vorderlanersbach, Lanersbach, Juns, Madseit and Hintertux) is between 1300 and 1500 m. If you decide to spend some time there, you automatically get to feel the results of this effect. To strenghten your immue system even further, it is recommened to make use of the thermal springs in Hintertux (the most high-up springs in Europe).

People who allergic to pollen feel especially well above 1600 m. Dust mites don't have a chance above 1000m, and there isn't a single tick that could endanger your children.


When spending your holidays in an alpine climate, you don't need a single injection. In addition, there are no high temperatures which would strain your health. And finally: our most important asset is our water - which springs from the mountains everywhere and invites you to a drink!


So, we wish you a "healthy holiday full of movement" - maybe even with us in Tux - Zillertal - Tirol


Mag. pharm. Marlies Erler


Get your first impressions of the Tux valley and the magnificient mountains - our interactive panorama pictures:
  Panorama 1 - Ski area Eggalm in winter (105 KB)

  Panorama 2 - panorama platform on the Hintertux Glacier

  Panorama 3 - Ski area Rastkogel in Vorderlanersbach


We are still working on panoramas 2 and 3 - we ask for your understanding!